Dining Hall Rental: $100 per day

Girls' Cabin Rental: $40.00 per night, per cabin (Girls' Cabin 5 - $50 per night)

Boys' Cabin Rental: $40.00 per night, per cabin 

Open-air Shelter: $75.00 per day

Swimming Pool Rental: $40.00 per hour 

Ropes Course Rental: $40.00 per hour 

Climbing Wall Rental: $40.00 per hour 


All other facilities and activities are available at no extra cost.

We can also provide meals for your groups! Our base pricing for meals is as follows:

  • Breakfast: $4 per person
  • Lunch: $5 per person
  • Dinner: $6 per person

Meal prices are subject to change based on the size of the group. Call or e-mail the camp office for more details and for our menu options.