We're so excited about your group staying with us @ North Georgia Christian Camp! We try and keep our rental rates as low as possible because we understand that planning group retreats can get expensive! As of this year, we have simplified our rental process. We now charge per person, per night, and below you can see the breakdown of an option that includes meals and one that does not include meals. This price ensures a place for your group to sleep, a place for your group to meet, and a place for your group to eat.

One Night Only Rental Rate (including 2 meals (typically breakfast and lunch)): $30 per person

One Night Only Rental Rate (no meals): $27.50 per person


2+ Night Rental Rate (including meals): $25.00 per person, per night

2+ Night Rental Rate (no meals): $20.00 per person, per night


If I choose to have the camp provide meals, how does it work?

Because of scheduling during the school season, we find that most weekend rental groups typically arrive Friday evening after dinner and leave either Saturday after lunch (for one night rentals), or Sunday after breakfast (for two night rentals). Because of this, our per person rental rate including meals includes 2 meals for one night rentals, and 4 meals for two night rentals. Additional meals can be purchased at the rate listed below! If you choose to have us provide meals for your group, just let us know what your scheduling plans are, and we will make sure that meals are provided when you want them!

Additional Meal Rates, Per Person

  • Breakfast: $4 per person
  • Lunch: $5 per person
  • Dinner: $6 per person


Swimming Pool Rental: $40.00 per hour (groups sized 40 people or less, and an additional $40 per hour for each additional 20 people... This is simply to pay additional Red Cross certified lifeguards as needed, and to maintain the pool before and after our camp season ends).

Low Ropes Course Rental: $40.00 per hour (groups sized 30 or less, and an additional $20 per hour for each additional 15 people... This price includes ropes course instructors who will help your group grow together and learn as a team).

Climbing Wall Rental: $40.00 per hour (4 people can climb simultaneously on our auto-belay system... This price includes an instructor).


All other activities are available at no extra cost.

Call or e-mail the camp office for more details and for our menu options (or click on the "Meal Option Form" on the Rental Information Page to see the options available).