Review This Information

It is important that you and your child review all of the information given to you on this page. Please talk with your child about our camp policies as well as what they should expect when they arrive at camp. Also, make sure that your child is aware of the transportation arrangements for leaving camp at the end of the week. 

Arrival & Departure Times

The arrival and departure times give our staff time to prepare to greet campers. We prefer to not do check-ins before 5:00 PM except for groups with volunteer staff who need to check in their campers in order to fulfill their duties.

Arrival Time for All Camps: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Most of our camps will hold a closing program that sometimes include baptisms. This will occur about 30 minutes before our Departure Time. Families are welcome to attend. Please be sure to pick up your children promptly. All Middler and Beginner campers must be checked out with our Director before they can leave campus.

Departure Time for Beginner, Middler, Teener, Senior, and Adventure Camp: 10:00 AM

Departure Time for Buddy Camp: 12:00 PM

Departure Time for Music & Drama Camp: 6:00 PM if you wish to attend the performance, official departure time TBA

When You Arrive At Camp

Report first to the Dining Hall for check-in and fever check/medicine drop-off. Any camper with a temperature above 98.6 F will need to stay home until 24 hours of being fever free. All medicine and necessary instructions should be left at the check-in area. Please note that we do not have medical personnel on staff. A designated adult staff member will be responsible to dispense medicine as necessary. 

What To Bring

Bible, pencil, paper, bedding (twin-size), pillow, toiletries, towels, casual clothing/sportswear, shoes (a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals would be great!), swimming suit (girls: swimsuit must cover stomach), and a flashlight. 


Involve your child in selecting clothes. Do the packing together so that your child will be aware of what is in his/her suitcase. At the end of every week, we are always left with a large number of unclaimed towels and clothing, so it is sometimes helpful to mark beach towels, jackets, or other important items with a laundry marker. It is also a good idea to send a plastic bag so that your child can separate their clean and dirty clothes. 

Spending Money & Canteen Operation

Canteen will be open twice daily for Teener and Senior campers to buy soft drinks and snacks. Drinks and snacks are 50 cents to a dollar each. Canteen is included in the cost of Buddy, Beginner, and Middler Camps.  We are excited to have a Camp Store this year as well, which will have camp branded items such as water bottles, frisbees, stickers, and t-shirts for sale (ranging in price from $1 to $20). The only other money your child may wish to bring is for the missions offering.

We at NGCC understand that you as a parent have every right to check in with your child using electronic devices (cell phones, iPads, iPods, tablets, etc.) 24/7 to ensure their safety and that they are enjoying their time at camp. Unfortunately, due to the ease of accessibility of inappropriate content on such devices and the ease of spreading such inappropriate content between peers, NGCC will begin enforcing a strict no cell phones in the cabins policy starting this summer in 2018. Camp counselors (cabin-moms and cabin-dads) in each cabin will take up the campers electronic devices each night when campers arrive back at the cabins and they will lock them in a safe box. The next morning, the counselors will pass each camper's electronic device back to them (if they wish) as they exit the cabin for the day.

Since cellphones began being used by campers more and more over the past decade and a half, our policy has always been to discourage the camper from bringing electronic devices unless deemed absolutely necessary by the parent. Our new policy is a response to the increasing accessibility and sharing of inappropriate content for and by campers, but we have also watched a slow trend occur as more and more students bring electronic devices to camp - one where they spend less time engaging in activities, worship, actually listening to speakers, participating in discussions, and making real, lasting friendships with their peers... The distractions accompanied by the constant use of these electronic devices are counter to our mission as a Christian Camp: To be an extension of the local church, offering opportunities for people of all ages to learn, grow in the Lord, and be challenged to serve Him. The reason NGCC has such potential to positively impact people is because it offers a unique opportunity for people to "get away" from their normal life. Over the course of a session, surrounded by positive, Christ-exemplifying volunteers and staff, and in a Christ-focused environment where they are challenged constantly throughout the day to live for Christ - without all of the distractions from the "outside world" (all readily tapped into at the click of a button with a smart device) - real, lasting change and transformation can happen. We want that transformation - a true understanding of God's love for His people that moves us into action - to be obtained as easily as possible by all who attend our sessions, and we believe that the distractions of smart devices seriously thwart and impede upon the likelihood of campers finding Jesus and growing in their relationships with Him while at a camp session. So, again, please do not allow your child to bring a smart electronic device to camp. Allow them the opportunity to experience camp as it is meant to be experienced. If you are a camper reading this, please do not bring a smart electronic device to camp - I promise your experience will be richer, fuller, and more positively impactful if you engage fully while at camp instead of keeping one foot planted through your device to whatever is going on in your life at home. If you still plan on sending a device with your child, or if you are a camper and plan to bring a device with you, please respect our policy moving forward.

Above all, please understand that this is an opportunity for your child to grow, and that our policy moving forward is only an effort to encourage and nurture that growth.

We will provide multiple phone numbers as points of contact for parents who wish to check in with their children over the course of a camp session who choose to not allow their children to bring electronic devices to the camp.

Cell Phones and Devices

Camp Mail

Mail is a big part of camp on Monday-Thursday during lunch times. When our mail is delivered, any mail you send will be given to your child. You are welcome to send pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelopes with your child so that he/she will have the option to send mail back home to you. Please send letters and packages to the following address:

North Georgia Christian Camp

c/o "Name of Camper"

531 Christian Camp Lane

Clarkesville, GA 30523

Visiting the Camp

Visitors are discouraged from coming to the camp because the program is usually disrupted. If you do need to visit, please check with the dean immediately upon arrival and plan to keep your visit to within one hour. Meals are $3.00 per plate. The camp is not open to the public during summer camp programs. 

Sidestep the Separation

We ask that you do not suggest that your child can call home if he/she gets homesick. That statement is something your child will remember if feeling homesick at camp. Do not introduce a conversation about homesickness in getting ready for camp, as this may just set your child up for it. If this does happen, the camp staff is prepared to work with your child and make a phone call for your child if we need to involve a parent. 

In Case of Emergency

The phone number for the camp office is (706)-754-4513. Please call this number first if you need to reach the camp. If you do not reach anyone at the office number, you may call the camp kitchen at (706)-754-3562. If your child needs to talk to you, permission will be given to use the camp phone. 

North Georgia Christian Camp Policy

For the safety and benefit of your child, please discuss this camp policy together. 

  • Please do not bring any food or snacks to keep in the kitchen or in the cabins, unless the your diet requires that you bring food to supplement the camp menu. 
  • You will be expected to follow the schedule given to you.
  • You will not be permitted to leave our camp grounds.
  • All sickness and accidents should be reported to the designated adult first aid staff member promptly.
  • Swimming activities will only take place under lifeguard supervision.
  • The world's standards are not that of NGCC's in matters of dress - please dress modestly.
  • Do not bring laptops, iPods/CD players, or video game systems of any kind. Only bring cell phones if deemed absolutely necessary by the parent(s).
  • In case of willful disobedience or character unbecoming of a Christian, the Camp Director and Dean reserve the right to dismiss and exclude such person from camp without refund of money.